Strategic Objective: To strengthen the capacity of AIDI staff, Board and General Assembly to deliver on its mandate and undertake its services in an effective and efficient

AIDI occupies a strategic obligation as a socio-economic advocate and activist to mobilize and lobby for resources to end violence against women and children in Karamoja and Uganda at large. To the extent that it can increase its leadership in the role, it will help secure a stronger and more consistent voice for women and children concerns in Karamoja and neighboring regions. AIDI will therefore embark on various institutional development initiatives, aimed at building up AIDI's capacity, sustainability, and positioning. One important component of this is to establish AIDI's internal management systems more firmly and make sure they are being implemented fully. During the next five years the focus of institutional policy development will be to develop organizational policies on internal and external communication, Anti-corruption, PME guidelines, Board governance and leadership, and strengthen its gender mainstreaming and programming. AIDI will also concentrate on ensuring that previously developed policies on financial, HIV/AIDS, Client and human resource management are implemented according to national standards.

To provide a senior level of leadership and advisory support. Finally, AIDI will provide Capacity building support for its staffs and the members organization in core organizational needs including resource mobilization, proposal writing, management, monitoring and evaluation, ICT, and organizational policy orientation, to provide a greater diversity of skills within AIDI's lean staffing structure and members

To achieve AIDI's broader objectives, the organization will concentrate on building up strategic partnerships and establishing a set of relationships with member organizations and foundations and trustees that can help AIDI better coordinate advocacy and capacity building on a regional and international level. AIDI will seek strategic partnerships with major National and International organizations in each calendar year. It will also grow its regional base of women organizations to amplify women voices from a greater range of geographic and institutional women groups. Finally, AIDI will develop a set of membership obligations, policies and procedures to ensure that it harmonizes its expectations with those of its members and maintains clear mutually productive relationships with all partners and stakeholders.