Strategic Objective: To strengthen individual and collective actions to provide political space, inclusive governance, full participation, conflict prevention, response and Peacebuilding.

Advancing disadvantaged people's political rights, building their leadership and amplifying activist voices and action

AIDI supports interventions that work to expand political space, sustain inclusive governance and full participation of disadvantaged people, including in contexts of conflict prevention, response and Peacebuilding. We focus on diversity and quality leadership and participation and building inclusive disadvantaged peoples' leadership for transformation.
  •  Advancing different disadvantaged peoples' participation in governance and decision-making at all levels

  •  Advocating for interventions to support women’s and girls' human security in all contexts

  •  Challenging the rise and impacts of cultural fundamentalisms on women’s and girls' rights in communities.

  •  The growing of individual and collective citizens leadership for social, political and economic change and justice